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The Aksa Gun Company, which aims to establish the biggest hunting rifle sales network in the world, Began operations in 2013. The facility is built on a closed area of 1,500 square meters and with more than 40 experienced specialist personnel, CNC is produced in high quality. Our products, which are produced in different standards such as Blank ifring guns, hunting rifles and sporting shotguns and sold in many countries all around the world, are increasing their diversity day by day. The capacity of our quality hunting rifle production with technology and modern equipment has increased considerably today.
After the recruitment of an elder named Mustafa from our family by military in 1914, he had been familiar with guns and this eventually evoked our interest in the art of shotguns. Huglu people, since by their nature, have always been involved in arts and industry. This tendency led our elder Mustafa to build a keen interest in gun repairing and distribution of this artisanship consequently, after a period spent by repairing muzzleloader shotguns and guns, he started to produce shotguns. Because of the convenience of the geographical location, all of the people in town naturally began to build familiarity to produce shotguns. This increased interest inevitably necessitated to be gathered under a corporate. This individual production efforts continued till 1962. On 16th of November 1962, HUGLU HUNTING FIREARMS COOPERATIVE had been found with 165 members and established its corporate identity. As of today, it is among the leading 10 production company in the world and well known by its quality. The self-confident artisans had chosen two-headed eagle as their symbol which stands for heights and power. After the establishment of the Cooperative, a more systematic and orderly structure came true. This formation played an important role on enlarging the product spectrum and increasing the production quality to upper levels. This adventure which started with only one collapsible shotgun continously improved and by sixties double barelled shotguns, by late seventies superpose(over and under) shotguns and by early nineties semi-automatic and pump action shotguns have been produced. The firm now has the widest spectrum of options in the sector and has a distinctive customer oriented focus in production with the knowledge and experience obtained over the years in the market. As of today, our firm operates on 25.000 m² land and in 17.000 m² indoor space. With our 548 members and 450 employees, we take justifed proud of exporting 80% of our shotgun products to more than 50 countries all over the world; mainly to USA and from France, Norway, Lebanon, Botswana, Chile to Phillipines. Our company has improved its status to higher levels both in domestic and international markets by the establishment of internationally valid ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Employee Health and Safety Security Management Systems. With its 100 years of experience and standardized high quality wide product range, Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative will continue serving to the hunters, shooters and collectors all over the world.
KRAL ARMS is Turkey’s one of the leading companies in hunting, shooting and sporting products. KRAL ARMS produces shotguns, air rifles and blank pistols in 18.000 square meter production facilities with more than 250 people. We use the highest technology with manual labor to offer you the best quality. The production within the border of KRAL includes, machining of wood, machining of metal parts, injection molding, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, barrel drilling & barrel manufacturing, laser marking, laser engraving on wood & metal parts, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance testing, test shooting, etc. KRAL ARMS is an export oriented factory and exports 99,5% of its products to more than 40 countries around the world. KRAL ARMS products with their very good quality and competitive prices receive a very well acceptance all around the world. KRAL ARMS is enough able to and has background to produce any type gun in house. Our mission is to product the better to cheaper. Like for the last 25 years, as long as the world exists, we will continue to serve for you.
Sulun Arms is a shotgun manufacturer that was founded in 1965 in the Beysehir/Uzumlu district of Konya, Turkey. We were only servicing local clients in Turkey in the early days of establishment. Our founder, Adem Cetindede, started to manufacture various kinds of shotguns by combining skills and knowledge accumulated through vast experience in shotgun sector coupled with new technology and manufacturing expertise. In 2018 we have not slowed down, providing our clients with some of the highest quality firearm products incorporating leading edge and exclusive technology. Now, we are proud to distribute our Turkish firearm products all across the world.
Derya Arms was established in the year 1998 in the Turkish Province of Konya. Derya Arms is confirmed to be one of the best Turkish manufacturers of shotguns, by importers, wholesalers and end users from all around the world. Derya Arms manufactures Shotguns only according to TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards. Currently, we are exporting to every continent the world, supplying hunters, sport and competition shooters and security companies with the most reliable shotguns imaginable. The product range covers single barrel, pump-action, semi-automatic, over and under, and vertical magazine fed shotguns. Either sporting, hunting, defense purposes, law-enforcement or competition, we will devote ourselves to satisfy your demands. It’s one of our principles at Derya Arms to use high quality raw materials which matches world standard in arms production. Quality control is one of our most valued features during every process of production, which is a characteristic for Derya Arms. Every single member of our staff is dedicated to deliver the finest firearm imaginable. Putting heart, sweat and passion in every single gun, is what makes Derya a worldwide known brand. Derya Arms will provide full customer service and backup for all its brands; so you as an importer, seller or end user, will always be 100% satisfied. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Listening to the requirements, the feedback and the criticism of our partners gives us the fuel to drive the path to perfection. Derya Arms respects human life and environment, complies with domestic laws, is aware of ethical values, cares about fairness, and appreciates the sensitivity of a business related partnership. Permanent development with a team of dedicated experts, who have been serving this business for years, are supporting our vision to stay the most dedicated company in firearms sector. In hunting, sporting and tactical shotguns production, DERYA is the Trendsetter of Innovation; always craving to reach perfection.
Established in 1992, Hunt Group Arms is one of the most well known firearms manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Our export activities started in 2008, aiming to establish one of the biggest shotgun sales network in the World. We have been manufacturing and exporting variety of firearms combining modern technology and innovation. On one hand, we are manufacturing and exporting semi automatic (inertia), magazine fed semi automatic, pump action, magazine fed pump action, over&under, side by side, single barrel shotguns in different qualities and standarts. On the other hand, we are able to supply variety of tactical shotguns to areas like European countries, USA, Middle East, Asia and South America. Our motto is: ”providing our clients high quality standarts with affordable prices’’. This principle is Hunt Group International Arms & Security Company’s main philosophy and distinctiveness.